Service and support agreement entered with NAVIAIR

The Danish Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), NAVIAIR, has entered a multi-year service and support agreement with Insero Air Traffic Solutions ensuring increased safety, capacity, and cost-effectiveness.

The service and support agreement will cover all Insero Air Traffic Solutions systems in operation at NAVIAIR sites and airports including among others a Flight Data Processing System (Insero AIMS), The Insero SERIS that keeps track of all flights and air traffic cash flows and an Integrated Radar Display (Insero RADIS) for situational awareness.

NAVIAIR is pleased to enter this multiyear service contract with our long-trusted partner Insero Air Traffic Solutions, who in these challenging times for the aviation industry have met our need to deliver the exact desired solutions while living up to Naviair’ s conditions for proficiency and cost-effectiveness

by Svend-Erik Stonor Krum-Møller, Head of ATM Systems, Technical Maintenance at Naviair

We greatly value the close cooperation we have had with NAVIAIR through several years. With this agreement we can further expand on our relationship aiding NAVIAIR in increasing safety, capacity and cost-effectiveness throughout their operations and activities

by Michael H. Tandrup, CEO at Insero Air Traffic Solutions

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