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The problem

With increasing pressure to continuously improve operations at many airports, sharing accurate and timely information is becoming ever more important.

Outdated technology and limited communications capabilities make it increasingly difficult to meet the changing requirements where effective sharing of information is of essence.

The solution

We provide you with software solutions that support air traffic controllers in maintaining a safe and efficient airspace through effective data-sharing.

All our air traffic control solutions are designed to meet the day-to-day challenges of air traffic controllers and enable increased capacity and sustainability for air traffic operations.

Intuitive flight data processing system

With AIMS, we offer a fully integrated flight data processing and message switching system which helps air traffic controllers share information more effectively.

AIMS – short for Airport Information Management System - is a modular AFTN/AMHS processing engine and message switching system, which provides intelligent handling of flight plans, meteorological information as well as additional AFTN/AMHS Data handling.

Configurable and easy to integrate

AIMS fulfils all the requirements of an operational flight data processing system and provides easy standard-based integration points. It is available as an on-premises solution, operating on Linux or Windows, or a fully managed cloud hosted solution.

Key features

Flight plan and ATC data handling

Flight plan messages from one or several sources are seamlessly merged into a resulting flight plan.

Online configuration

All important aspects of Insero AIMS are online configurable. This includes routing rules, message filters, user accounts etc.

Flexible rule-based routing engine

This feature ensures that the right data is presented at the right place, at the right time.

Fully scalable solution

Insero AIMS is scalable from a single-computer installation to multiple on-premises redundant servers as well as a highly redundant cloud-based solution.

Training and simulation functionalities

Insero AIMS includes features to easily setup simulating and replaying data environments ideal for training, testing and validation.

Operation count

Count the total numbers of operations for a specific flight for statistical and billing purposes.

SSR Code bank

Handle a reserved group of SSR codes for local flights. The SSR codes can be assigned automatic or manual.

ATM system interface

This feature enables interface to ATM systems (i.e. COOPANS).

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Predict, plan and control air traffic smarter

Keeping situational awareness is crucial for air traffic controllers in order to ensure safety in air traffic management. With our workflow-oriented radar display, we provide air traffic controllers with immediate overview of air traffic and help detect possible flight safety issues in time.

Instead of accessing data in several systems, Insero RADIS enables air traffic controllers to access all information in one display. Consequently, Insero RADIS increases efficiency and cut workload by enabling integration with many different components such as: flight data process systems, electronic flight strips, air- and ground surveillance as well as meteorological information.

Make decisions – faster and more efficient 

Efficient decision-making enables you to accelerate business excellence and act in time. With Insero RADIS, we provide you with excessive situational awareness and draws attention to matters that need immediate attention.

By gathering data from any available source such as secondary and primary radar tracks, multi radar tracker data, ADS-B and weather data, Insero RADIS enables a unified operational picture and presents information in a single display.

Automatic management

The radar display system correlates the flight plans from a flight data processing system with corresponding tracks and creates a generic track. Furthermore, it is designed for simultaneously recording and replay of track data.

The solution supports the common On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI) coordination electronically and has a build-in safety Nets Module.

Highly flexible

Insero RADIS can be configured to operate on a diversity of radar data sources. These include, but are not limited to the well-established ASTERIX protocols, Thales A500, VDL Mode 4, NMEA, SBS and various GPS-protocols.

Cost-efficient radar workstation

The radar display is based on standard computer-hardware which makes it an advanced, flexible and very cost-efficient radar workstation concept which integrates many critical aspects of air traffic control.

Key features

Track and Flight Plan correlation

Supports automatic association.

Standard map formats

The radar display supports all the most common map formats and has a built-in MAP Editor tool.

Built-in recorder/replay

Built-in recorder/replay feature for documentation and incident investigation.

User interface

User interface with recent EUROCONTROL recommendations for HMI-principles.

Automatic management

Automatic management and correlation of flight plan information.

Strip print

Support for strip print through track label.

On-Line Data Interchange

On-Line Data interchange (OLDI) support for notification, coordination and transfer of flights.

Safety Nets module

Support for Safety Nets (e.g. STCA and MSAW) alerts and output in ASTERIX CAT004 format.

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Optimise air traffic controllers' workload

With Insero E-STRIP, airports of all sizes can replace the traditional and time-consuming paper strips with EFS - electronic flight progress strips - which will improve safety and simplify the air traffic controllers’ workflow when coordinating flights. We provide you with an easy-to-use and cost-efficient system for coordinating flights and sharing flight data information effectively.

The Insero E-STRIP system provides what controllers need most: Immediate overview and access to key information for all critical functions. The system is applicable at both single airports or at Multiple Remote Tower solutions.  

Enhanced situational awareness

With an up-to-date view of the present situation on and around the airport, Insero E-STRIP helps air traffic controllers predict, plan and act in a safe, efficient and fully integrated setup - whether it be in a single airport or across multiple airports. The automation in the Insero E-STRIP provides the means to reduce cost, increase efficiency, safety and play a key role for the improved working environment, where silent and seamless coordination between controllers results in an efficient tower environment. 

Module for Multiple Remote Tower

With the electronic flight strip module for Multiple Remote Tower, it is possible for a single controller to provide air traffic control services remotely to more than one airport. Here, the controller can easily create, edit and accept Flight Plans and Electronic Flight Progress strip from either an Approach or Tower working position. The module is one of several contributing factors to implementing a successful and complete Remote Tower solution.

The module is especially useful in remote towers that control smaller, regional airports where the traffic volume is likely to be low. By replacing physical presence of air traffic controllers with virtual control, the potential for cost reduction is significant.

Technological advantages and safety features

Insero E-STRIP has handwriting recognition which can be used to e.g. change the estimated time of departure down to precise minutes, or the ATCO can draw personalised information on each electronic flight progress strips if needed. In addition, the controller can create custom electronic flight progress strips to distribute information that cannot be sent using the regular flight plan strips. 

A significant safety feature when applying Insero E-STRIP for Multiple Remote Tower is the color-coded markings, which ensures that the controller is always aware of which airport he/she is working on.

Key features

Improves safety and reduces cost and workload

By digitalisation of the light progress strip process and eliminating the need for printing physical strips, E-STRIP improves safety and reduces cost and workload.

Optimises ATM/UTM controlling

Optimisation of ATM/UTM handling via integration of Flight Data Processing, Unmanned Traffic Management, airport information and A-SMGCS systems.

Intuitive presentation of key information

Easy to use interface that keeps your workspace organised and efficient.

Direct editing features

Add, modify or view flight plan information within the application. There is no need for additional applications or systems.

Custom strips functionality

Special requirements and needs can easily be met thanks to the creation and management of custom strips directly available in the application.

Handwriting recognition & drawing tool

The need for special markings and information to a particular flight is easily accessible and powered by artificial intelligence technology.

Legal and statistical recording

All changes of flight strip information are stored and recorded for auditing and reporting. Searching and reporting is easy, time- and cost-efficient.

Easy navigation

With one mouse and keyboard for integrated systems and a single stylus input, it is easy to navigate between systems.

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