The problem

Legacy ATIS/VOLMET systems are not likely to support the rate of change or ease of configuration and validation/automation required to support your current and future needs, and may also not support your desire to manage multiple aerodromes in a single system, whether for ATIS, D-ATIS, VOLMET and/or D-VOLMET purposes.

The solution

The Insero AviCast solution is the new standard in (D-)ATIS/(D-)VOLMET solutions, offering a highly configurable solution which caters to your current and future needs, while at the same time providing the possibility of fully automated transmission through one or more channels. The contemporary user interfaces, dashboards and functionality adapts to user needs.

The modern service-oriented server architecture and secure browser-based web applications scales to match your requirements, from small, regional to large international airports and a single system can support as many aerodromes as you may need today or in the future for centralised operations. Either with deployment as physical, virtual or hosted server environments.

Insero AviCast

Insero AviCast is the latest generation of the Insero broadcasting solutions, building on many years of experience and operational use, yet based on a modern service-oriented server architecture and secure browser-based web applications.

For Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) and/or VOLMET flight weather broadcast to aircraft in flight/enroute, Insero AviCast will support your needs.


Based on configuration, ATIS broadcasts can be transmitted as either radio-transmitted ATIS and/or Datalink ATIS (D-ATIS), and similarly for VOLMET broadcasts. It is also possible to configure e.g. separate ATIS arrival and departure and/or multi-aerodrome broadcasts.

User friendly and (fully) automated workflows

A fully automated flow for generation of broadcast messages, with system error detection/data validation, and the option of manual flows.

Furthermore, configuration of automation settings, as well as editing of pre-filled and system validated forms, user verification (textual, pre-listening) and monitoring of available broadcasts is provided.

Streamline and automate ATIS/VOLMET services

AviCast offers cost-effective and automatic broadcasting to multiple radio and datalink channels

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Industry standard interfaces

Insero AviCast provides an intuitive user interface and utilises secure browser-based web applications.

Insero AviCast provides standard interface services for receiving and sending data/speech. Meteorological data can e.g. be received from Insero AWOS and flight plan data received from or sent to Insero AIMS, or 3rd party systems. Datalink data can be sent to service providers such as SITA and ARINC.

System technology

The fault tolerant, redundant server platform is a service-oriented server architecture specially developed to integrate information systems and to support airport automation and 24/7 broadcasting services.

Key features

Single configurable system for ATIS/VOLMET

(D-)ATIS and/or (D-)VOLMET messages are supported, and these are fully user configurable by e.g. aerodrome, separately for arrival and departure, etc.

Supports multi-channel/multi-airport broadcasts

Messages can be transmitted as radio (ATIS/VOLMET) and/or datalink (D-ATIS/D-VOLMET) broadcasts for the desired channels and aerodromes.

Customised user interface for optimum efficiency

The intuitive, modern, easy to use and flexible web based user interface ensures optimum efficiency for all user profiles.

Real time control and monitoring

Full system overview and operational status, including health status and alerts, is provided for Insero AviCast computers, services and interfaces.

Fully automatic or with manual interaction

Insero AviCast provides a fully automated workflow for generation of broadcasting messages, but also the possibility for user intervention/verification as required.

Modern system architecture for 24/7 operations

Fault tolerant, redundant and service-oriented server platform and secure browser-based web applications provides a flexible and future proof solution.

High-quality Text-to-Speech synthesis

The included Text-to-Speech synthesis and tools to finetune and optimize the pronunciation of individual words
and sentences, ensures high-quality voice messages.

Standard interfaces

The standard interfaces (APIs) ensure cost-effective integration of relevant systems, and a high level of automation, which eases the burden on the users.

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