New feature: Insero E-strip module for Multiple Remote Tower

A new electronic flight strip module for Multiple Remote Tower enables air traffic controllers to coordinate flights and manage workflows across multiple airports. The new feature is designed to optimise workflow and enable full overview of current situation in several airports. 

With the new electronic flight strip module for Multiple Remote Tower from Insero Air Traffic Solutions, it is now possible for a single controller to provide air traffic control services remotely to more than one airport. Here, the controller can easily create, edit and accept Flight Plans and Electronic Flight Progress strip from either an Approach or Tower working position. The Insero E-STRIP module, is one of several factors contributing to the implementation of a successful and complete Remote Tower solution.

Optimise air traffic control workflow

The module supports air navigation service providers in their efforts to optimise air traffic control workflow and reduce cost by implementing multiple remote towers. With the new module, it is possible for a single controller to gain immediate overview and access to key information for all critical functions in up to three airports at once.

This is especially useful, in remote towers that control smaller, regional airports where the traffic volume is likely to be low. By replacing physical presence of air traffic controllers with virtual control, the potential for cost reduction is significant.

Safety features optimise workflow

When working with several airports at once, safety is of vital importance. One of the safety features in the new module is the color-coded markings which enable the controller to always see which airport he/she is working on. Furthermore, it is possible for the controller to use one mouse and keyboard for all touchscreens, which ensures easy workflow.

Key features

Intuitive presentation of key information

Easy to use interface that keeps your workspace organised and efficient.

Direct editing features

Add, modify or view flight plan information within the application. There is no need for additional applications or systems.

Custom strips functionality

Special requirements and needs can easily be met thanks to the creation and management of custom strips directly available in the application.

Handwriting recognition & drawing tool

The need for special markings and information to a particular flight is easily accessible and powered by artificial intelligence technology.

Legal and statistical recording

All changes of flight strip information are stored and recorded to allow for further investigation or reporting. Searching and reporting is easy, time- and cost-efficient.

Easy navigation

With one mouse and keyboard for all touchscreens and a single stylus input, it is easy to navigate between screens.

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With Insero E-STRIP, we provide what controllers need most: Immediate overview and access to key information for all critical functions - whether it be across multiple airports or at a single airport.