Naviair selects Insero AviCast to support need for new ATIS/VOLMET system

Naviair, the Danish Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), has chosen Insero Air Traffic Solutions to deliver Insero AviCast in support of an urgent operational requirement for a new ATIS/VOLMET system, with implementation at Roskilde and Copenhagen Airports.

In support of new operational and regulatory requirements, Naviair sought a modern and flexible ATIS/VOLMET system which supported the latest requirements and could rapidly and seamlessly be integrated into the existing system environment at Roskilde and Copenhagen Airports.

To meet the requirements, Naviair has decided to implement Insero AviCast, providing separate arrival and departure ATIS/D-ATIS services for Copenhagen Airport, ATIS service for Roskilde Airport as well as two (METAR/SPECI and SIGMET) VOLMET services for enroute aircraft for the EKDK Flight Information Region.

This will also include support for the new global reporting format (GRF) and runway condition assessment methodology (RCAM) for SNOWTAM and runway condition reporting - forming the basis of ATIS messages together with local meteorological data.

Naviair is very satisfied with the flexibility shown and products and services delivered by Insero in the projects Naviair has executed together with them. Not only in the latest ATIS-VOLMET project, but also in other previous projects like e.g., Naviairs Remote Tower Services project where Insero’s AviSky products are part of the solution. Our history of efficient and pragmatic corporation over the years has therefore been another important parameter in selecting Insero as supplier for Naviairs new ATIS-VOLMET systems

by Frank Knudsen Christensen, Manager Project Planning & Execution, Naviair

The program was commenced shortly after the March 2022 award, and will be performed at an accelerated pace, with an objective of delivery before the start of the 2022 winter season.

Next generation in broadcasting solutions
Insero AviCast is the latest generation of the Insero broadcasting solutions, building on years of experience and operational use, yet based on a modern service-oriented server architecture and secure browser-based web applications.

Based on configuration, the ATIS and/or VOLMET flight weather broadcasts can be transmitted as either radio-transmitted ATIS and/or Datalink ATIS (D-ATIS), and similarly for VOLMET broadcasts.

We are excited about the opportunity to once again deliver a quality solution to Naviair, and as supplement to our existing solutions at both Roskilde and Copenhagen airports. We are confident that Insero AviCast will support the operational needs and the automation objectives for the ATIS/VOLMET program. Based on the modern service-oriented architecture and web applications, we can ensure the flexibility and quality of service required to meet the latest regulatory requirements and the 24/7 operations

by Michael H. Tandrup, CEO at Insero Air Traffic Solutions

The cost-effective Insero AviCast solution provides streamlining and automation of the applicable ATIS/VOLMET services, whether for radio broadcasts or datalink services. This includes intuitive, user friendly and secure browser-based web applications for the operators, options of fully automated, semi-automatic or manual flows, including pre-filled and system validated forms, user verification (textual, pre-listening), monitoring of broadcast and much more.

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