Control and monitor multiple Remote Tower Airports

The Danish ANSP, Naviair, is introducing Remote Tower to Denmark with the purpose of consolidating operations of several airports into one single Remote Tower Center. In order to do so, Naviar needs a platform to exchange and manage data from several Danish airports.

Real-time information platform

With AviSky, we provide Naviair a real time information platform that exposes, unifies and integrates data from multiple airports in a well-defined interface. The Remote Tower Solution Provider only needs to implement a single standardised interface to gain access, monitor and control equipment at all connected

Key benefits

Secure access to data from multiple airports

Redundant and scalable solution

Data availability for future system integrations

Want to get renewed business value from your data?

With all your data available in one platform, you can easily identify operational gaps and bottlenecks just as centralised monitoring of real-time and historical data enables you to evaluate performance.