Naviair and Billund Airport implements Insero AviSky and RCMS upgrade

The Denmark-based Insero Air Traffic Solutions has successfully upgraded Remote Control & Monitoring System (RCMS) at Billund Airport and implemented Insero AviSky to support Naviair’s new Remote Tower Centre.

Naviair, The Danish Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), is introducing Remote Tower in Denmark with the aim of enabling operations of several airports into a single Remote Tower Centre, located at Billund Airport. To do so, Naviair needed a platform to exchange and manage data from different airports, that over time can be connected to the Remote Tower Centre. With Insero AviSky, Naviair now has a real-time information platform that exposes, unifies, and integrates data from multiple systems, and enables remote control of connected airports.

Introducing the AviSky products in our remote tower architecture has enabled Naviair to design a very flexible and scalable remote tower solution where all airport specific interfaces can be handled outside the core remote tower system thereby making future expansion of Naviairs remote tower services to additional airports substantially simpler than would otherwise be the case

by Frank K. Christensen, Manager Project Planning & Execution, from Naviair

Insero AviSky integrates data from all connected systems internally and externally at the airport making it possible to exchange data in a unified, redundant, and secure way e.g.: Frequentis Remote Tower System, Airfield Ground Lighting, Navigational Aids and Weather systems. Consequently, this ensures the Remote Tower System itself receives data in a uniform manner, regardless of the different subsystems installed, and whether for one or multiple airports.

We greatly appreciate our close cooperation with Naviair and Billund Airport and are very pleased to contribute to such an innovative project that has the potential to strengthen the aviation industry in Denmark and improve mobility as a whole

by Michael H. Tandrup, CEO at Insero Air Traffic Solutions

In addition to Insero AviSky, Insero Air Traffic Solutions has developed an associated simulator system giving Naviair’s technicians and air traffic controllers as well as the main contractor Frequentis an efficient and low risk method to test different stages of deliveries before the final introduction and operational use.

Full overview of operative and technical status with one system

Prior to the establishment of the Remote Tower System at Billund Airport, Insero Air Traffic Solutions has upgraded the airport's internal Remote Control and Monitoring system, so it is fully digitised, and thus suitable for being able to be remotely controlled.

It [Remote Tower] is a really attractive product that can make air traffic control more efficient and flexible, and it can potentially mean that regional airports in Denmark do not have to have staff for air traffic control all the time, but only when there is traffic for it

by Jan Hesselund, CEO, from Billund Airport

With the full control of data, the controllers at the Remote Tower Centre will be able to control and monitor all Ground Lighting Systems, NAVAIDS-equipment, backup power systems etc. in one, redundant system improving operational procedures and workflow.

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