Mittarfeqarfiit (MIT) in Greenland will implement Insero Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS)

Mittarfeqarfiit, Greenland Airports, has chosen Insero Air Traffic Solutions to deliver Insero RCMS and Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) from TKH Airport solutions, after a thorough tendering process, to replace the existing systems at Sisimiut Airport

The delivery of Insero RCMS and the CCRs will replace the existing remote control and monitoring solution and CCRs for track lights, generators, etc., with an up-to-date system. At the same time, replace existing control of alarms with new panels, including monitoring in the offered RCMS system. This will be done while the continued operation of the airport is ensured by replacing obsolete technology with an updated Insero RCMS solution, including a consolidation of the control/automation, and ensuring that the system can also meet stricter requirements in relation to the CNS management.  

In addition, the acquisition will ensure that gradual future updates can be made in a safe and efficient way. This could for example include replacement of individual lights/ILS system or other related systems. The offered Insero RCMS solution optimizes the operation of Sisimiut Airport with a higher degree of automation, and simplification of the processes and system use. The RCMS also supports a possible future connection to a Remote Tower system. 

“MIT is pleased with our choice of Insero and looks forward to how the system works in Sisimiut. We had to replace a system from when the airport was built, and therefore a change we have been looking forward to. MIT will have to replace the system at several airports over a number of years”.

by Mike Sanimiunaq Kristiansen, CTO of Mittarfeqarfiit Greenland Airports.

“We greatly appreciate the very positive cooperation we have had with Mittarfeqarfiit during the tender phase and are very pleased to contribute to such a project that has the potential to strengthen safe travel to and from Sisimiut Airport and improve mobility as a whole”, says Michael H. Tandrup, CEO of Insero Air Traffic Solutions. 


Full overview of operative and technical status with one system 
The Insero Air Traffic Solutions RCMS System is a system intended for Air Traffic Controllers and Technical personnel in an airport. The system can control and monitor all Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) and Instrument Landing System (ILS) related equipment. RCMS gives the ATC an integrated user interface to control and monitor the operational status of airside equipment (AGL, ILS, generators, UPS’s etc.). Insero RCMS automates the operational procedures of setting up equipment for different operations of the airport reducing the workload of the controller. In case of faults, RCMS will immediately inform the controller of the operational consequences of the fault reducing the workload of handling the situation and increasing safety. 

The technical monitoring part of Insero RCMS supports the technical staff in maintaining the equipment. The unique E-SAFE structure and the remote access to the equipment guides technicians to locate faults and helps reducing the downtime during service and repair of equipment. 


About Mittarfeqarfiit (MIT) 
Mittarfeqarfiit, Greenland Airports, provides services to a number of aircraft operators, the Greenlandic society and private companies. We manage the complete air transportation of passengers and cargo in Greenland, divided between 13 airports and 46 heliports. 

Employing almost 400 people, Mittarfeqarfiit is one of the largest workplaces in Greenland. Our mission is to deliver infrastructure and to ensure that our customers and business partners have the best conditions possible for operating in Greenland. 

This is carried out on market-related terms in a dynamic collaboration between us, our owners – the Greenlandic Government – and our customers who come to Greenland with new infrastructural requirements and consulting requests. 


About Insero Air Traffic Solutions 
With more than 40 years of experience in enabling digital transformation in aviation and strengthening operational performance at airports, we deliver cost-effective solutions that meet the requirements of today while being ready to handle the needs of tomorrow. 

Further information

Please contact Sales Director, Steen Garnæs,, +45 2260 5032