Insero I-TWR at Aalborg Airport

With more than 40.000 yearly military- and civil operations and over 1,4 million passengers passing through the gates, Aalborg Airport is a busy airport with a wide variety of traffic. With the Insero Integrated Tower Solution, Aalborg Airport is equipped to meet the air traffic control challenges of tomorrow.

Insero Air Traffic Solutions has implemented the I-TWR (Integrated Tower Solution) into Aalborg Airports daily operation. The airport is used for military as well as commercial operations, and with the Insero I-TWR, Aalborg Airport ensures that they are equipped to successfully meet the air traffic control challenges of tomorrow.

The Insero I-TWR is a safe, reliable and efficient working platform which handles flight information, flight plans and situation display, it presents MET information and it controls airfield lightning and navaids from one integrated system.

Right from the initial dialogue, Insero Air Traffic Solutions prioritised understanding our needs and challenges, providing us with a uniquely customised turnkey solution suited to our daily operation

by Torben Henriksen, Head of ATC and Airport Inspector at Aalborg Airport

Combines four innovative elements into one simple turnkey solution

Insero Air Traffic Solutions has combined four innovative software elements into one simple and user-friendly turnkey solution, which integrates smoothly and efficient with other relevant airport systems and procedures. The solution consists of an Airport Information Management System (AIMS), which ensures a clear real-time view of all information about relevant traffic. Moreover, it consists of an Advanced Radar Display (RADIS), which proves a radar overview of air traffic.

The Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS), provides the tower personnel with an improved situation awareness of all equipment places on the airside. Furthermore, the solution consists of an Automatic Weather Observation System (AWOS), which provides the tower personnel with an overview over current weather conditions. The four elements of the Insero I-TWR can be combined in any combination and sequence, in order to meet the needs and requirements of each individual customer.

With this turnkey solution, Aalborg Airport provides their tower personnel with an optimal tool to ensure a safely and efficiently operating airport in the future.

We have received a turnkey solution customized to our specific needs, with no workarounds or major adjustments needed after the initial implementation. The combined I-TWR solution is simple and intuitive to use and optimized based on our inputs.

by Torben Henriksen concludes

Key benefits

Safe, reliable and efficient working platform

Improved situation awareness of all equipment

Overview over current weather conditions

Clear real-time view of all information about relevant traffic

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