Insero Air Traffic Solutions introduces AviSky - the next generation in the evolution of digital aviation

The Danish-based company, Insero Air Traffic Solutions, is launching an innovative real-time information management platform which represents a significant step forward in the evolution of digital aviation. The name is AviSky, and it is the platform from which future capacity and operational excellence is achieved. AviSky is officially launched on March 10th at World ATM Congress.

With air traffic data often scattered across multiple data systems, efficient operations are often prevented because data is hard to access – and even harder to manage and secure. The answer to the rising problem is AviSky, a real-time information management platform that connects all aviation data seamlessly in one platform.


Air traffic is growing and the pressure to extend capacity and yet maintain the required level of safety is rising. With AviSky, we enable air traffic stakeholders to meet future demands by integrating data from all connected systems in one platform and enable efficient operations making it easy to access, manage and control all data. It is the answer to an inevitable problem of growing complexity.

by Peter Bøgh Sørensen, CEO of Insero Air Traffic Solutions.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate data from all connected systems, the AviSky platform collects, stores, enriches and fuses data from multiple data sources and enables exchange of data in a highly redundant and secure way between all stakeholders.

Global applicability

AviSky is designed with global applicability in mind. The platform is built upon well-proven, redundant & scalable standard data streaming, -storage and -indexing modules. By applying industry standard protocols and interfaces, the AviSky platform is highly scalable and can easily be integrated with additional systems to extend the solution to meet future demands and business growth.

The AviSky platform enables secure exchange between any number of stakeholders – whether it be between multiple airports, multiple air navigation service providers or across multiple systems inside a single organisation. In fact, the first airport and air navigation service provider has already bought AviSky and is now ready to get renewed business value from their data.

AviSky combines proven technology and system designs with advanced modularity. This enables us to build a foundation that reliably and efficiently secure data exchange. Thanks to the flexibility of AviSky, the application possibilities are numerous, and it is now possible to connect data from e.g. SWIM and ATM systems and apply it at Remote Tower operations, UTM applications, Analytics & BI or other vital operational purposes. Ultimately, the platform ensures that all stakeholders can access one operational picture and apply data across systems to improve operational performance.

by Peter Bøgh Sørensen

Built upon 30 years of experience

With more than 30 years of enabling digital transformation, AviSky is built upon comprehensive market insights and specialised knowledge of how to accommodate industry challenges with cost-efficient air traffic solutions.

The ambition with AviSky is to enable airports, ANSP’s and our industrial partners to improve sustainability and safety, while increasing capacity and efficiency in the growing air traffic market. In close cooperation with current and future customers and partners, we will continue to add new features and functionalities to enforce AviSky as the state-of-the-art platform for aviation data.

by Peter Bøgh Sørensen.

Exclusive presentation at World ATM Congress

AviSky will be officially launched at World ATM Congress on March 10 – 12th where it will be possible to get an exclusive presentation and demonstration of the platform. Here, Insero Air Traffic Solutions will be present at stand – it is also possible to book a meeting ahead on

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