Insero Air Traffic Solutions introduces AviCast - the next generation of broadcasting solutions in digital aviation

The Denmark-based Insero Air Traffic Solutions is announcing the latest generation of broadcasting solutions, built on years of experience and a modern and service-oriented architecture. Insero AviCast will officially be introduced and exhibited on June 21st at World ATM Congress in Madrid.

A reliable and intuitive method of generating correct, updated, and relevant (D-)ATIS/(D-)VOLMET broadcasts is a priority for air traffic controllers to reduce workload and improve the flow of communication. Insero AviCast is the next generation of broadcasting through a modern and service-oriented architecture.

We are excited to introduce Insero AviCast, which is the latest generation of our broadcasting solutions – building on years of experience and operational use. Insero AviCast has the potential to streamline and automate ATIS/VOLMET services to a whole new extend in a cost-effective and automated manner

by Michael H. Tandrup, CEO of Insero Air Traffic Solutions.

Insero AviCast offers intuitive, user friendly and secure browser-based web applications for the operators, options of fully automated, semi-automatic or manual flows, including pre-filled and system validated forms, user verification (textual, pre-listening), and monitoring of broadcast.

Streamlining and automation of (D-)ATIS/(D-)VOLMET services

The Insero AviCast solution combines proven technology and system design with a modern service-oriented server architecture and secure browser-based web applications. The solution provides streamlining and automation of the applicable (D-)ATIS/(D-)VOLMET services.

Based on configuration, the ATIS and/or VOLMET flight weather broadcasts can be transmitted as either radio-transmitted ATIS and/or Datalink ATIS (D-ATIS), and similarly for VOLMET broadcasts.

We are confident that Insero AviCast will support the operational needs and the automation objectives in the aviation industry. Based on the modern service-oriented architecture and web applications, we can ensure the flexibility and quality of service required to meet the latest regulatory requirements and the 24/7 operations”, explains Michael H. Tandrup

by Michael H. Tandrup

Built upon 40 years of experience and knowhow

With more than 40 years of enabling digital transformation, Insero AviCast is built upon comprehensive market insights and specialised knowledge on how to accommodate industry challenges in a cost-effective and safe manner.

Throughout the years our purpose has always prevailed – to innovate, develop and rethink software solutions to aid our customers and partners accommodate present and future challenges. I am confident that Insero AviCast will create operational value for our current and future customers and are looking forward to showcasing the solution at the World ATM Congress this year

by Michael H. Tandrup

Exclusive presentation at World ATM Congress

AviCast will be officially revealed at World ATM Congress on June 21– 23th where it will be possible to get an exclusive presentation and demonstration of the platform. Here, Insero Air Traffic Solutions will be present at stand – it is also possible to book a meeting ahead on

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