Insero Air Traffic Solutions delivers RCMS to Copenhagen Airport

The implementation of Insero Air Traffic Solutions' Remote Control and Monitoring System, have ensured a powerful tool for monitoring all relevant technical ground equipment at Copenhagen Airport.

Insero Air Traffic Solutions has delivered it's Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) to Copenhagen Airport. Since the implementation of the system, Insero Air Traffic Solutions has maintained a long-term relationship with Copenhagen Airport with continuous updates and improvements of the system four times a year.

With the RCMS system, Copenhagen Airport is equipped with a powerful tool for monitoring ground equipment in the airport. The system includes features such as improved situation awareness, remote access to equipment, tracking history of critical parameters, technical alarms, and event logging. The RCMS constantly monitors all equipment and logs all changes and faults – supporting the technical staff in maintaining AGL, ILS and other equipment. It improves the availability of equipment and documents the performance of the technical equipment in the airport.

The implementation of the RCMS system has entailed a long-term partnership between Copenhagen Airport and Insero Air Traffic Solutions. Most recently Insero Air Traffic Solutions delivered a new fully customised system tailored to the needs and requirements of Copenhagen Airport.

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