Implementation of AWOS and AGL in Iceland

We have installed and implemented the AWOS system into the daily operation of Keflavik - the international airport at Iceland. The installment and implementation supported an initiative to optimise and modernise the airport.

The implementation of the AWOS system ensures an automatic system for collecting, handling, editing and presenting meteorological information at Keflavik Airport. Through a variety of weather sensors, the system delivers reliable meteorological information (real-time MET reports, METAR/SPECI and SYNOP) for incoming or departing airplanes.

The AWOS system has furthermore a feature that ensures integration of different systems. In addition to that, the system is sensor independent, due to the unique and flexible design. The system can interface to most meteorological sensors, which made the implementation process less resource demanding.

Insero Air Traffic Solutions has played an instrumental role in implementing an integrated tower solution for collecting, handling, editing and presenting meteorological information as well as AGL components. The entire process was characterised by close dialogue and involvement, which ensured that we received a flexible solution, which was fully customised to our specific needs

by Brandur Guðmundsson, Head of Technical Services ANS at ISAVIA.

Development of user interface in cooperation with the customer

The final user interface was developed in cooperation with the air-traffic controllers and technical personnel at Keflavik. This happened through several workshops with continuous feedback, as well as site visits to be able to obtain a full understanding of the needs and requirements of the customer’s business. This resulted in Insero Air Traffic Solutions being able to deliver a customized solution, where Keflavik airport was involved and obtained ownership throughout the entire process.

Following the installation of AWOS, Keflavik chose to expand and update its AWOS system with AGL components. This entailed that the AWOS system was extended with modules, which can control and manage light.

The implementation of the two systems has enabled more efficient and manageable daily operations at Keflavik Airport. Insero Air Traffic Solutions is still in close dialogue with the airport to be able to update and optimise the systems. Both implemented systems are I-TWR components, which means that the airport has the opportunity to expand its systems with more I-TWR components, in an order that fits their business and solution. 

Want to stay on top of the weather?

The Automatic Weather Observation System, Insero AWOS, is the preferred tool of air traffic controllers to gain full overview of weather conditions.