Extended collaboration with PANSA regarding upgrade of Insero SERIS

The Denmark-based Insero Air Traffic Solutions has extended their collaboration with Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA), upgrading their Insero Statistics, Economics and Route Charges Information System (SERIS) solution with a wide range of improvements to modernise, automate and extend functionalities and integrations. 

Timely recovery of Air Navigation Services provision costs is crucial for cashflow of ANS Providers. This issue became even more important since the difficult times of COVID pandemic outbreak back in 2020 resulting in considerable reductions of passenger flights and fluctuations in traffic at unpredictable levels. With the Insero SERIS (Statistics, Economics and Route Charges Information System) solution PANSA will in one system automate revenue charging processes while increasing executive and operational reporting. Early information from SERIS on details of validated operations performed in Polish airspace will speed up and improve PANSA cashflow projections. Enhanced data processing in SERIS will support a timely delivery of data for invoicing and analysis. SERIS ATC Analyzer features will support processes of environmental protection and CO2 emissions reporting, increasing the pressure to improve air traffic ecological efficiency. 

SERIS from Insero Air Traffic Solutions is utilised by several European ANSPs, and with this joint Insero Air Traffic Solutions and PANSA program a new standard will be set. The System, upgraded to meet the up-to-date needs of users from PANSA will improve and automate further functionalities and integration of e.g. Electronic Flight Progress Strip system and ERP system for automation and digitalisation of financial charging as well as air traffic analysis and air traffic optimisation. 

We greatly appreciate the trust which PANSA has placed in us, and our team will work diligently to meet and exceed the expectations, to maximise automation, efficiency, revenue and continuous air traffic improvements. The program represents a significant milestone, both in relation to our relationship with PANSA, as well as in setting a new standard with our Insero SERIS air traffic analysis and financial charging solution

by Michael H. Tandrup, CEO at Insero Air Traffic Solutions.

Multistage program

The multi-staged project, with a combined 4-year duration, will in addition to two development stages also include a continuous operational support stage. The project has already been started in 2021. 

Insero SERIS is a Statistics, Economics and Route Charges Information System that collects and processes flight data which enable you to keep track of all flights and air traffic cash flows. The solution provides statistics on runway load, weekly and monthly IFR operations and revenue as well as vital information on air traffic behavior. 

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