Cost efficient transition from X.25 to FMTP in Denmark

In 2014 Naviair chose to implement a FMTP GWY into their business. The FMTP GWY was delivered and implemented by Insero Air Traffic Solutions, with the purpose to secure safe and flexible integration of all OLDI partners connected to COOPANS ACC in Copenhagen.

It has been a very fast and cost-efficient solution to implement. Now we have a safe and efficient tool that provides efficient service to our partners during operation, and when partners change their FMTP configuration

by Svend-Erik Stonor Krum-Møller, Project Manager at Naviair.

The FMTP GWY offers a flexible, safe and easy way to connect OLDI partners with different interface configurations. The FMTP GWY can moreover connect OLDI partners with any combination of IP4/IP6 and Responder/Initiator. 

Furthermore, the FMTP GWY solves the security problem of connecting an internal operational network with an external network in a safe and efficient way. In addition to the protocol converter functions, the FMTP GWY log all FMTP traffic and monitor the quality of the transmission lines.

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