Exchange Data Between Airside Systems

Copenhagen Airports needed a secure way of exchanging data between airside systems. With data scattered across multiple systems, integration between the different systems had become unsupportable and incomprehensible.

Single entry point

With a single entry point and standardised access to all data across systems, AviSky enables Copenhagen Airports to easily exchange, monitor and control data from all connected systems. 


Global applicability

AviSky is designed with global applicability in mind. The platform is built upon well-proven, redundant & scalable standard data streaming, -storage and -indexing modules. By applying industry standard protocols and interfaces, Copenhagen Airports can now easily upgrade and integrate new systems without affecting the performance of connected systems.


Key Benefits

Easy exchange of data between airside systems

Operational statistics and insights

Well-defined standardised interface

No direct system-to-system communication

Want to get renewed business value from your data?

With AviSky, you can easily identify operational gaps and bottlenecks just as centralised monitoring of real-time and historical data enables you to evaluate performance.