Billund Airport upgrades ATIS system to Insero AviCast solution

In support of the growing traffic and the need for separate ATIS broadcasts for arrivals and departures, Billund Airport has upgraded to the latest Insero AviCast solution from Insero Air Traffic Solutions.

Billund Airport, Denmark’s second largest airport, is seeing growth in traffic numbers and exceeding the 2019 pre-COVID traffic numbers. The implemented Insero AviCast provides separate Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) voice broadcast of e.g. meteorological and runway condition information for the pilots in connection with arrivals and departures. The implemented system may later be upgraded to also support datalink transmissions of the ATIS (I.e. D-ATIS).

"The solution allows for specific information, only relevant to either arriving or departing traffic. We gain less frequency load, more capacity and increased Safety. What’s not to like"

by Mike Rosenstrøm, Head of Airport Operations, Billund Airport

AviCast can run in fully automatic mode and integrates with the existing Insero AWOS (Automatic Weather Observation System), so no actions are required from Air Traffic Control (ATC) during daily operations. This naturally includes support for the latest runway condition report format.

Michael H. Tandrup, CEO at Insero Air Traffic Solutions adds:

“With Billund Airport fielding the Insero AviCast solution in support of their ATIS needs, we are further expanding the customer-base for this highly scalable and state-of-the-art solution, which supports the operational needs in relation to ATIS, D-ATIS and/or VOLMET and whether for one or many aerodromes“.

Insero AviCast is the latest generation of the Insero broadcasting solutions, building on many years of experience and operational use, yet based on a modern service-oriented server architecture and secure browser-based web applications.

If you are interested in this or other solutions from Insero Air Traffic Solutions, please reach out or you can also meet us at the upcoming inter airport Europe 2023 show, where we will be exhibiting at stand B5-1058.

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About Billund Airport

Billund Airport ( provide easy access to and from the world with direct routes to over 90 destinations. Nine out of ten of their passengers travel to and from abroad, so they call themselves West Denmark's International Airport.

Billund Airport will further develop their position as West Denmark's International Airport, which can support growth and development, it requires a healthy and sustainable economy. This is ensured through sound investments and necessary efficiency improvement. Billund Airport has, among other things, focus on environmental solutions, where we will be a leading airport - to the benefit of both our economy and the environment.

About Insero Air Traffic Solutions

With more than 40 years of experience in enabling digital transformation in aviation and strengthening operational performance at airports, we deliver cost-effective solutions that meet the requirements of today while being ready to handle the needs of tomorrow.

Further information

Please contact Head of ATM, Insero Air Traffic Solutions, Kim Foged,, +45 2098 9956