Aarhus Airport implements Insero RCMS to support changing business

The regional Danish airport Aarhus Airport is implementing a Remote Control and Monitoring System (Insero RCMS) from Insero Air Traffic Solutions to modernize and extend functionalities in air traffic control.

Airports consist of thousands of measurement points, sensors and data which are critical to gain full overview of operative status. The less complex, however, the easier it is for air traffic controllers to act, predict and control airfield equipment. With the Insero RCMS (Remote Control and Monitoring System) solution, Aarhus Airport will be able to control and monitor NAVAIDS-equipment and PAPI-lights in one, redundant system improving operational procedures and workflow.

Aarhus Airport is in the midst of an extensive turnaround, investing heavily in development, refurbishment and expansion in order to attract new routes and boost passenger levels to 1.5 million guests within this decade. We have entered this project to ensure a smooth and safe handling of all future air traffic in Aarhus Airport. Insero Air Traffic Solutions is a trusted and valued partner and we are looking forward to benefit from their experience

by Lars Boesen, COO, from Aarhus Airport

Insero RCMS is utilized by several European airports, where it aids in enhancing efficiency with full overview of operative and technical status.

Upgrade of Insero RADIS and Insero AIMS

The Danish airport is furthermore upgrading their flight data processing system (Insero AIMS) and Integrated Radar Display (Insero RADIS) solutions with a wide range of improvements.

Insero AIMS is a modular processing engine and message switching system, which provides intelligent handling of flight plans and meteorological information. Insero RADIS increases efficiency and cuts workload by enabling integration with many different components such as flight data process systems, electronic flight strips, air- and ground surveillance as well as meteorological information.

We highly value the close cooperation we have had with the Danish regional airport Aarhus Airport through several years. We will do our utmost to modernize, improve and extend the functionalities and integrations throughout the software solutions in operation at Aarhus Airport

by Michael H. Tandrup, CEO at Insero Air Traffic Solutions

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Key features

Real-time control and monitoring of airfield equipment

Full situational awareness is obtained across equipment independent of manufacturer.

Support for operation procedures

Simplified operations with automatic execution of operation sequences e.g. change of runway direction or change of CAT approach.

Operation modes evaluation

Processing of health data for the airfield equipment is presented for the air traffic controller and with system recommended mode of operation.

Event logs and alarm overview

The technical staff have access to current and historical data on airfield equipment performance to support increase in operational performance.

Customised display and design capabilities

The modular user interface allows for easy customisation and presentation layout to enhance efficiency and safety at each individual airport and for each user role.

Scales to operational needs

Insero RCMS scales to the needs, ranging from airstrips to multiple runway (CAT I/II/III) airports, whether for civil or military airport.

Extensive installation and integration experience

Insero has more than 30 years of experience of developing, integrating and installing Remote Control and Monitoring Systems in international and regional Airports.

Maximum availability

With proven reliability, redundant servers and fault tolerant systems, Insero RCMS provides maximum availability.

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With Insero RCMS, you can make your airport operations more efficient with full overview of operative and technical status.