Safety and quality

Safety is vital. Quality is essential.
Dedication makes the difference

Managing safety, quality and projects

We have more than 30 years of experience in system integration within the aeronautical domain. Our safety assessments complies with current EC, Eurocontrol and EUROCAE regulations and recommendations. All our development activities are in accordance with either SWAL3 or SWAL4. 

Safety comes first


Our main goal for safety assessment is to avoid loss of, or injuries on, people or material. Safety assessment cannot be verified by testing – it must be assessed before a project or system is specified and implemented.




The safety assessment process should verify that the system is safe to take into operation. 


The highest standards

We have embedded safety considerations throughout our organisation, project plans and procedures according to EC and Eurocontrol regulations and recommendations. Our safety assessment includes FHA, PSSA and SSA workshops, including the allocation of relevant software assurance levels (SWAL). It is compliant with EU 1034/2011 (and amending) regulation and with Eurocae ED-153 as a guideline.

Close collaboration with our customer

It is our experience that the best results are achieved when these processes are conducted in close co-operation with our customers.


We have more than 30 years of experience in agile system integration within the aeronautical domain. Our main focus is customer satisfaction within a safety context.

We have successfully created a seamless integration between our own and multivendor systems including MET, RCMS and protocol conversion systems for both military and civilian customers.










We have a fully implemented quality management system which is certified according to DS/EN ISO9001:2015 by DNV GL.


Our management system contains an assessment of software and system quality, as well as sales and management activities.



 Insero Air Traffic Solutions' ISO 9001:2015 certification