No flights missed with SERIS in Poland

No flights missed with SERIS in Poland

PANSA, the Polish Air Navigation Service Provider, integrate our SERIS solution to its business operations, which provide optimized airspace safety and increased business efficiency.


SERIS enables a single integrated process for the entire air traffic registration to provide financial as well as operational benefits to PANSA.


Throughout 2017, SERIS have been implemented at PANSA and became fully operational by December. Now PANSA can look forward to improved registration quality and gaining efficiency in work processes. In addition, the SERIS solution will automate executive reporting.

“At Insero Air Traffic Solutions we continuously work on delivering a solution that exceeds our customers’ expectations and needs. We make sure that everything is functioning throughout the entire implementation process and we utilise our long-term experience to ensure superior customer satisfaction,” says Anders Midtgaard, Director of Business Development at Insero Air Traffic Solutions.

Leading tool for registration of Terminal Navigation and En-Route charges
High performance combined with flexibility, user-friendliness, ease of maintenance and high technology has made SERIS the leading tool for registration of Terminal Navigation and En-Route charges.

Being able to calculate financial income on a daily basis is a significant advantage, and the aim of Insero Air Traffic Solutions' SERIS solution is among other things to offer a unique opportunity for our customers’ financial operations. SERIS includes a revenue validation feature, which compare data received from third parties against live data obtained by logging actual flights. No flights will be missed, which ensures a continuous optimization of revenue generation.

Moreover, SERIS provides powerful statistics on weekly and monthly IFR operations and revenue, which also supports business efficiency. With SERIS, registration of Terminal Navigation and En-Route charges becomes significantly faster and more cost-effective, resulting in administrative costs reduction as well as improving operational performance. Finally, SERIS provides the ability to analyze environmental factors i.e. actual flown trajectory, total flight cycle emission and horizontal as well as lateral flight efficiency.

Kim Foged

Kim Foged

Head of ATM Systems

Insero Air Traffic Solutions


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