ROS - Runway Observation System

Runway Observation System

Our Runway Observation System, ROS, provides you with an easy-to-use and efficient test of runway friction and SNOWTAM reports. It gives you the needed interface and control software to implement the friction measurements, manual observations and also the capabilities to submit SNOWTAM reports directly from the friction testing vehicle. 

System specification

  • Finger touch-based system designed for use in a mobile environment
  • Based upon data from a friction testing system
  • ROS can handle the complete control of a friction test (if so configured by the operator)
  • Reporting time is less than two minutes
  • Time-saving and less laborious than other testing mechanisms
  • Improved reliability and reporting quality
  • Automatic distribution of information within the airport and over the AFTN network
  • Position awareness option via GPS or other positioning equipment
  • Graphical display of the airport with position awareness (option)


The system can be extended to include a map of the airport and – when equipped with a GPS receiver – supplying the user the exact locations of the vehicle directly on the user interface.

Moreover, this option also enables automatic start and stop of the measurements for automatic measurements requiring even less interaction by the operator.

Friction graphs and SNOWTAM reports are both printable from the software in standard ICAO format.


ROS is based upon Windows technology and requires only standard Windows OS.

The system includes software for a vehicle-based PC and a backup PC, both equipped with storage facilities.

The backup PC also serves as a software server ensuring that the latest version of the software is running on the vehicle PC.

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