RCMS - Remote Control and Monitoring System

Remote Control and Monitoring System


Remote Control and Monitoring System, RCMS, is designed to control and monitor the airport systems for Instrument Landing Systems, ILS, runway lights, taxiway lights and stop bars. The RCMS is an Air Traffic Control System integrating the control of ILS and AGL with MET information.

What RCMS offers

Specialised functions for:

• ATC control and monitoring of AGL, NAVAIDS, MET information, generators
• Technical monitoring and error management including remote diagnostics
• Operational statistics and performance monitoring of the equipment

System features

• Situation Awareness 
• Status of AGL, NAV-aids, generators etc. in one display
• Operation Control 
• Preset settings
• Equipment Control
• Supports operational procedures 
• Automatic executing of operational sequences (change of RWY, change of CAT)
• Common alarm display 
• Operational consequences of technical faults
• CAT evaluation 
• Automatic evaluation of operational modes are possible


RCMS gives ATC full and comprehensive control of all equipment on airside area. The control can either be control of individual equipment or via combined preset of multiple groups of equipment. 

During all change of settings, the RCMS will monitor all processes and insure that procedures and requirements to response time meet. Any malfunction will be reported as an error or warning depending on the severity of the malfunction. 

The ATC screens can include a geographical map with Ground Radar Tracks, Alarm-window with operational alarms, Control panels, Info-window with MET REPORT, ATIS and SNOWTAM, and other views showing real-time status.

Powerful tool

The RCMS system gives the technical staff a powerful tool to monitoring all relevant technical ground equipment in the airport: 
• Situation awareness
• Remote access to equipment/parameters
• Tracking history of critical parameters
• Technical alarms
• Event logging 

The RCMS constantly monitors all equipment and logs all changes and faults, supporting the technical staff in maintaining AGL, ILS and other equipment. It reduces the down time of equipment (MTTR) and documents the performance of the technical equipment in the airport. 

Audit logging

The Audit logger is a value adding yet easy to use tool for analysing change of state and documentation of response times for the equipment. These features are very useful and efficient for performance and error evaluation during incident investigations.

Operational Statistics

RCMS Operational Statistics module documents all changes of state, all events and selected parameters measured on the equipment. The derived statistics and performance information can be presented as graphical or tabular format for documentation. 

The search menu makes it possible to search for information within a given time interval.

It is possible to search:
• within a time and date interval
• for all the equipment at a given location
• for all the equipment of a given type
• by a specific equipment
• by an operational unit

The search menu is divided into two parts. The first part allows to the user to make a search within a given time. Second part allows the user to search by a specific location, type, equipment or operational unit. 

The system automatically calculates standard performance parameters such as MTBO, MTBF, MTTR, for the selected period and equipment group. Error statistics can be displayed as error statistics and as a PARETO analysis.

Safety architecture

RCMS is based on our flexible standard software platform. The platform is designed and developed to fulfil the special requirements set up in the international standards for safety critical control systems for airports (airport automation), with focus on:

• Reliability
• Fault tolerance
• Redundancy (server and clients)
• Dual LAN
• Scalability (Client/Server/Interface/HMI)
• Dynamically adopted publish/subscribe intersystem communication
• Modularity
• Several kinds of I/O modules for specific solutions
• User and system event logging.


The platform runs on standard PC hardware platform and thus benefits from the de-facto standard in operating system and network components (TCP/IP).

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