AWOS - Automatic Weather Observation System

Automatic Weather Observation System

AWOS is an automatic or semi-automatic system for collection, handling, presentation and editing of meteorological information.

AWOS can operate fully automated at e.g. remote helicopter sites or can be operated in a semi-automatic manner e.g. in a meteorological office or observation post. When working in automatic mode AWOS facilitates the METAR every 30 minutes.

Sensor independent

Due to the unique and flexible design, AWOS is sensor independent. It operates with the airport’s current sensors and continues to operate if sensors are upgraded. The system provides interfaces to most meteorological sensors from the leading manufacturers, e.g. Vaisala and All Weather.


AWOS measures, compiles, and transforms meteorological data from the physical sensors, calculates derived data with the added possibility of allowing observers to manually enrich or overrule data, if the semi-automatic option is configured.


AWOS has a unique observation principle, where the contents of each of the reports transmitted is derived from a central meteorological observation concept.

This central observation is to be regarded as a template holding all the different data, which the system can translate to the individual reports according to the respective formats. Weather observers are allowed to edit the meteorological information at a central location, and thus making the changed data valid in every report, rather than changing each report individually.

The uniqueness of this observation principle even carries over to the automatic mode configuration where the translation to the automatic reports MET/METAR is done independently.

display and features 

AWOS offers a full configurable display option. These features allows AWOS to be used as intelligent MET information screens in ATC environment such TWR, ACC and other working positions where real time MET information is vital.  

The AWOS system comes equipped with a state-of-the-art user-configurable display concept including:
- Wind roses
- Ceilometer displays
- RVR displays
- Pressure tendency
- Graphs
- Reports

Upon the compiled data, AWOS constructs and transmits all required meteorological reports such as MET REPORT/SPECIAL, METAR/SPECI, and SYNOP/DEKAM.

Kim Foged, Head of ATM Systems


The AWOS system can be equipped with a fully integrated ATIS option for continuous broadcast of meteorological data from MET REPORT and other important information for pilots.

ATIS can be integrated with the Insero Remote Control and Monitoring System.


As well as for offshore the AWOS system is an obvious choice for all kinds of helicopter platforms due to the unique scaling capabilities.


The AWOS system can be configured as an AUTO METAR / ATIS station for unmanned operation.


This makes AWOS an obvious choice for offshore and remote heliports where automatic operation is required either 24/7 or during periods with low traffic intensity. AWOS combines the features of a complete weather observation system with advanced ATIS and remote controlled function such as radio controlled switching heliport lights and heliport cleaning.

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