Meteorological systems

With our systems we provide you with reliable runway condition and meteorological information.

Meteorological Systems


Our product portfolio comprises meteorological systems for air traffic control. Our solutions are developmed in close relation with our customers to ensure operational value.

Automatic weather observation

The Automatic Weather Observation System, AWOS, is an automatic or semi-automatic system for collecting and presenting meteorological information including METAR, Metreport and RVR.

The AWOS system can be equipped with a fully integrated ATIS option for continuous broadcast of meteorological data from MET REPORT and other important information for pilots.

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Automatic terminal information service

Automatic terminal information service, ATIS, continuously broadcast recorded meteorological data from MET REPORT and other essential information for the pilot.

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Runway Observation

Our Runway Observation System, ROS, provides you with an easy-to-use and efficient test of runway friction and SNOWTAM reports. 

It gives you the needed interface and control software to implement the friction measurements, manual observations and also the capabilities to submit SNOWTAM reports directly from the friction testing vehicle. 

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