IODE Gateway

Intelligent Gateway for the distribution of IODE Flight Plan Information

IODE Gateway


The IODE Gateway Application extends the number of available IODE interfaces from COOPANS (currently, 4 are available). The gateway offers up to 16 simultaneous client connections.
The IODE Gateway offers optional protocol conversion enabling non IODE compatible systems to be integrated with COOPANS. The gateway offers up to 16 simultaneous client connections. Each interface connection can be changed individually enabling seamless iterative system integration allowing one system to be upgraded at the time.

Main features:

• 1-to-16 multiplicator of client flight plan connections
• Emulates COOPANS IODE interface for external clients
• Updated regularly and allows conversions between protocol versions
• Optional protocol conversion to integrated non IODE systems
• Provides Client and Server Test Applications for use during development and integration of IODE data





The interface is implemented in full compliance with the IODE standards and additionally provides opt-in functionality specified in augmentations to the standards).


Each of the 16 connection is configured separately with respect to:

• Physical TCP/IP connection direction
• Protocol versions
• Heartbeat message mode
• Timeout settings
• Compression settings


IODE gateway can run single or redundant mode and includes server/client conversion for IP based protocols.

Use as security

IODE gataway can act as security gateway/firewall in an IP environment.


In this way, the IODE Gateway offers a unique opportunity for controlling migration paths for clients utilizing distinct and incompatible versions of the IODE interface implementations. Moreover, for security purposes IODE Gateway applications can be set up to enable solicited invocation, allowing clients from public unsafe areas to connect securely to IODE Gateway in operational safe environments via an IODE Gateway in a neutral DMZ.

Application Suite

The IODE Gateway is delivered as an application in the IODE Gateway Application Suite, which contains essentials tools for clients wishing to integrate the IODE flight plan information into their systems. The IODE Server Application allows the clients to emulate real COOPANS-connections by replaying either realistic recording data or preset scenarios illustrating the precise test cases to verify. The IODE Gateway Client Application is a fully functional COOPANS client capable of viewing, recording, analysing, and replaying data for debugging and development purposes.


Customer benefits

• Seamless multiplication of COOPANS client connections (up to 16).
• All connections are independent and can have separate, distinct features configured.
• Redundancy and Fail-over
• IODE Gateway facilitates segmentation of groups of clients.
• Version independence as per-connection protocol versions are decoupled.
• Enables controlled and very flexible migration paths.
• Interface independency allowing additional or proprietary interfaces for legacy systems.
• Enables implementation independency by COOPANS Server emulation.
• Enables solicited invocation for a flexible and secure deployment.
• Allows system surveillance and client connection monitoring through the SMNP protocol.
• Enables application-level extensions such as alive/heartbeat messages.
• Enables protocol-level extensions such as (de)compression of data.
• Enables connection-level extensions such as reverse connection establishment.


System Technology

All system components are lightweight and operate very smoothly on a standard PC running off-the-shelf network hardware and operating system, thus substantially reducing the cost of acquiring and maintaining system hardware.

• The IODE Gateway should run on a Microsoft server OS such as Windows Server 2008 or later.
• The IODE Server and IODE Client run on any Windows OS such as Windows XP or later.
• All applications can be deployed to the same machine and executed simultaneously without any problems.

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