The FMTP Gateway offers a flexible, safe and easy to configure system to connect OLDI partners with different interface configurations.

The FMTP Gateway has been a very fast and cost-efficient solution to implement. We now have a safe and efficient tool that provides a flexible service to our partners during operation and when partners change their FMTP configuration

Project manager at Naviair Svend-Erik Stonor Krum-Møller


The FMTP Gateway can connect OLDI partners with any combination of IP4/IP6 and Responder/Initiator, and will solve the network security challenge of connecting an internal operational network with and external network in a safe and secure way.

In addition to the protocol converter function, the FMTP Gateway logs all FMTP traffic while at the same time monitoring the quality of the transmission lines.

Kim Foged

Kim Foged

Head of ATM Systems

Insero Air Traffic Solutions


+45 20 98 99 56

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