AIMS Gateway

AIMS Gateway

The AIMS Gateway offers a flexible and easy to use conversion between different communication stacks for flight plans and other related messages.

Flight plans from different sources

The main purpose of the AIMS Gateway is to receive flight plans from different sources. The AIMS Gateway transmit these flight plans on the configured output lines using a specific configured protocol. It is possible to convert the received flight plans to the supported output formats. The configuration of the format conversion is controlled by the AIMS Gateway Client application.


AIMS Gateway can convert both to and from ICAO2012. So even if your current system does not fulfill the requirements of the ICAO2012 format Aims Gateway makes you capable og transmitting your flight plans.


The AIMS Gateway is a scalable system capable of running on a single computer or as a larger redundant system distributed on several computers.



With AIMS Gateway these physical connections are supported:

  • TCP
  • RS232
  • RS485/RS422



And these data conversions gets supported:

  • AFTN (ICAO 2012)
  • XDS
Kim Foged

Kim Foged

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