Gateways and system integration

Gateways and system integration


Through deeply understanding of our customers core values, we offer flexible gateways for conversion between different communication interface standards. This includes OLDI, IP4/IP6, FMTP, X25, ICAO2012, XDS and IODE 2.0. 



Seamless integration

We have successfully created seamless integration between multivendor systems including message and protocol conversion for both military and civilian customers.

FMTP Gateway

The FMTP Gateway offers a flexible and safe system that is easy to connect with OLDI partners with different interface configurations.

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IODE Gateway

We provide an intelligent gateway for the distribution of IODE Flight Plan Information.

The IODE Gateway Application extends the number of available IODE interfaces from COOPANS. The gateway offers up to 16 simultaneous client connections.

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AIMS Gateway

The AIMS Gateway offers a flexible and easy to use conversion between different communication stacks for flight plans and other related messages.

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