RARS - Record and Replay System

Record and Replay System


RARS is an advanced Record And Replay System for air navigation service providers. It provides safe and reliable recording of a multitude of radar and data sources and supports subsequent replay of the recorded data individually at each operator working position. The RARS system was developed in close cooperation with the Danish Air Navigation service provider, Naviair.

Ensuring no data is lost

RARS consists of a Server and a number of Clients. The Server retrieves and stores the data recorded by the recording clients. Each working position is equipped with two clients ensuring that no data will be lost, as data is continually recorded at each position – even when replaying data at that position.


Data for RARS can be acquired from either LAN or serial lines. Each RARS recorder is capable of collecting data from a total of 60 channels. The network recording independently supports IPv4 and IPv6.


The recording channels can be individually configured for LAN protocols or for serial asynchronous communication protocols. All collected data is time-stamped and stored on a hard drive.




Record any kind of data

The system is designed to record radar data (tracks), raw radar video and flight plan information (FPL), but any kind of data can be recorded – subject to protocol support.

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