RADIS - Advanced Radar Display

RADIS - Advanced Radar Display


RADIS is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use radar display for air traffic control use at tower and approach positions. RADIS´s wide range of applicable areas includes search and rescue and similar operations.

Automatic management
The radar display system is integrated with automatic management and correlation of flight plan information, which in conjunction with the built-in activation and map editor makes RADIS a versatile tool for air traffic control. RADIS supports OLDI coordination using the FMTP protocol in both IPv4 and IPv6 environments.

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Cost-efficient radar work station
Being based upon standard PC-hardware, RADIS offers an advanced, flexible, but very cost-efficient radar workstation concept integrating many crucial aspects of air traffic control.


The RADIS user interface incorporates the most recent EUROCONTROL recommendations for HMI-principles setting the future standards for radar display systems. 


Furthermore, the familiar Windows-style user interface entails a smooth learning curve for both new and experienced ATC personnel.



Highly flexible
RADIS is highly flexible and can be configured to operate on a diversity of radar data sources. These include (but are not limited to) the well-established ASTERIX protocols, Thales A500, VDL Mode 4, NMEA, SBS and various GPS-protocols.


When available RADIS supports display of the primary raw video from a local radar as well as normal video and MTI.


RADIS incorporates facilities for integrated recording and subsequent replaying of such radar data tracks. RADIS is fully integrated with AIMS (our Airport information Management System); hence the two systems in conjunction form a full featured ATC system.

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