I-TWR - Integrated TWR Solution

The Insero I-TWR combines five innovative software elements into one simple turnkey solution

The Insero I-TWR solution is a safe, reliable, and efficient working platform which handles flight information, flight plans, and situation display. It presents MET information and it controls airfield lightning and navaids from one integrated system. The Insero I-TWR solution thus represents an excellent tool to successfully meet the air traffic control challenges of tomorrow.


Optimal operator experience

With simple and intuitive user interfaces, optimised based on direct input from tower personnel, the Insero I-TWR solution provides a scalable turnkey solution for towers in small and medium-sized airports.


With this solution in place, the foundation is laid for providing tower personnel with an optimal tool to ensure a safely and efficiently operating airport.


Fully customisable turnkey solution

We have combined five software elements into one simple and user-friendly turnkey solution, which integrates flawlessly with all other relevant airport systems. The five elements of the Insero Integrated TWR Solution can be combined in any combination to meet the needs of each individual customer.


The Insero Air Traffic Solutions team is highly skilled and dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient process; from initial specification through installation and training and bringing the system into operation. Throughout the service period, Insero Air Traffic Solutions can provide online support.

Insero I-TWR consists of:

RADIS provides a radar overview of air traffic.

The display enables tower personnel to inform and guide pilots as to their own and other planes positions with the intent to ensure safe and efficient operations.

AIMS ensures a clear, real-time view of all information about relevant traffic.

The systems gathers and sorts data regarding flight plans and meteorological matters and displays these to tower personnel in a simple, visual overview which can be adapted to the individual user’s needs.

E-STRIP simplify the air traffic controllers' workflow when coordinating the flights. 

The system replaces traditional paper strips and is both intuitive, customisable, and user friendly. With the system from Insero Air traffic Solutions, electronic flight progress strips (E-STRIPS) become affordable and easy-to-use for airports in all sizes. 

RCMS ensures tower personnel an improved situation awareness of and control over all equipment placed on airside, such as airfield lights, navaids, gensets and other operational equipment.

With this real-time monitoring system personnel is furthermore able to act instantly should any malfunction occur requiring immediate action.

AWOS provides tower personnel with an overview of current weather conditions.

Through a variety of weather sensors, the systems delivers reliable meteorological information (real-time MET reports, METAR/SPECI and SYNOP) for incoming or departing airplanes. The performance of all sensors are monitored through the RCMS system. AWOS has an ATIS option available.

Further information

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