E-STRIP - Electronic flight progress strips

Electronic flight progress strips for all airports

For many smaller airports, the prospect of having electronic flight progress strips as a part of the air traffic management is unrealistic. But with this product from Insero Air traffic Solutions, electronic flight progress strips become affordable and easy-to-use for airports of all sizes.


Traditionally, paper strips have been used by tower personnel to track a flight in air traffic control. However, these paper strips present time-consuming challenges in the way they are used statistically and kept. 

Electronic flight progress strips, or E-STRIPS, are the solution and now even small airports can have access to the E-STRIP system, which can simplify the air traffic controllers’ workflow when they are coordinating the flights.


Affordable electronic flight progress strips

Here at Insero Air traffic Solutions, we have developed an E-STRIP system which is affordable for even smaller airports. The E-STRIP system is both intuitive, customisable, and user friendly. The product has been developed in cooperation with air traffic controllers from Aalborg Airport and Global ATS to ensure the highest quality and usability in the ATC’s daily routines.


Technological advantages with electronic flight progress strips

The E-STRIP system has hand writing recognition which can be used to e.g. change the estimated time of departure down to precise minutes, or the ATC can draw personalised information on each electronic flight progress strips if needed. In addition, the ATC can create custom electronic flight progress strips to distribute information that cannot be sent using the regular flight plan strips.

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