AIMS - Airport Information Management System

Airport information Management System

Airport information Management System, AIMS, is an easy-to-use flight plan management, meteorological display and strip printing system.

What AIMS offers

AIMS provide users with relevant, sorted, filtered, and categorised AFTN data.


AIMS provide a clear view of the received information and the system can be set-up with several different user interfaces, suitable for e.g. tower position, approach position, and briefing position.


AIMS also includes a full Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network, AFTN, switching option using data from the AFTN network through the national AFTN service provider.

Create, manage and display data

AIMS is an easy-to-use flight plan and meteorological system for creating, managing, and displaying data from various distinct data sources:

- AFTN network
- IODE / XDS flight plans
- Third-party systems


Powerful user capabilities

The AIMS system as developed by Insero Air Traffic Solutions with the purpose of providing the user with powerful capabilities to easily change the sorting parameters, having the information displayed in a manner specific to and suitable for each individual working position in the airport.


The system is based on moveable windows enabling the user to set up the screen and configuration working positions as desired.

System features:

With AIMS, flight plans can – in a simple, yet powerful manner – be created, delayed, and changed online using an existing flight plan or one of the forms or user-created templates.


Furthermore, new strips can be created even when no flight plan is available.

Additional options

As an additional option, the system can be equipped with a strip printer. The layout and rules for printing strips are fully user-configurable and adaptable to any Air Traffic Control, ATC, unit.

The meteorology option provides the user with relevant, sorted meteorological data from the AFTN network.

The server part of the system can act as a full-featured AFTN switch for use in larger airports or similar environments.

The system is fully redundant and scalable and is moreover very easy to configure and maintain.

Steen Garnæs

Steen Garnæs

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