Air traffic control

Through deeply understanding you and your business, we strive to provide intelligent software solutions to air traffic control

Air Traffic Control

Our product portfolio comprises intelligent products and software solutions for the entire Air Traffic Management industry. Your business is important so we always work in close relation with the customer, striving to serve you operational value.

Advanced radar display

RADIS is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use radar display for air traffic control use at tower and approach positions.

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Airport Information Management 

Our Airport Information Management System, AIMS, is an easy-to-use flight plan management, meteorological display and strip printing system.

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Electronic flight progress strips 

With the new system from Insero Air traffic Solutions, electronic flight progress strips (E-STRIPS) become affordable and easy-to-use for airports in all sizes. 

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Remote control and monitoring 

With our Remote Control and Monitoring System, RCMS you can control and monitor your airport systems for NAVIADS, runway lights, taxiway lights and stopbars. 

RCMS includes advanced technical and performance monitoring features that provides the technical staff with real-time error and event logging. 

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Record and Replay 

Record and Replay System, RARS, is an advanced system for air navigation service providers. It provides safe and reliable recording of a multitude of radar and data sources and supports subsequent replay of the recorded data.

The RARS system was developed in close cooperation with Naviair, the Danish air navigation service provider.

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